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About 10 years ago we finally had the oppertunity and time to create Copenhagen Homes.

Copenhagen Homes is a housing agency specifically designed to benefit and help expats who are looking for a place to call there own during their time in Denmark.


What inspired us to start the company was the good experiences we've had, having rented out apartments of our own, some years prior to our actual creation of Copenhagen Homes.


By doing this, we've learned what is important, regardless of you being the landlord or the tennant. 


It is very important for us that we can offer our potential tenants high quality apartment.

We also found that having good tenants as well as good landlords and proper communication is essential for a succesful housing situation. 


We know exactly what creates a good experience for both tenant and landlord and therefore a good busniess deal for both parties. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific housing situation and we'd be delighted to help you out. 


Vibeke and Steen,

Copenhagen Homes. 





All the concerns I had about living in Denmark were completed addressed and taken care of by Copenhagen Homes. They acted very professionally and made something that seemed so complicated, so easy.


Alex Campbell, UN
It has been a wonderful experience. I have always felt the effective support of Copenhagen Homes. Copenhagen Homes has helped me identify the property and diligently troubleshoot any of the issues I encountered. I therefore can only but recommend them for any high-end real estate operation, either rental or acquisition.


Khalil Younes, Carlsberg Group
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